Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Incentivize Registration For Your Next Event Or Convention

When it comes to running events, the last thing meeting planners want is to pour time and money into planning an event which doesn’t create the required buzz among users. In this age of information overload on the web, people are constantly being barraged to use their valuable time and resources to attend events, watch a webinar, read the latest e-book, etc. If you are requesting someone to attend your event, you are actually asking for their valuable time. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to offer something in return. So, here are some ways to incentivize people to sign up early for a trade show or convention.

1.      Social media incentives

A tech savvy event management company realizes the power of social media and leverage this space for incentives to increase attendance for their events. It could be as simple as offering a coupon or reduced price admission to the first 50 people who share your link with friends via Facebook. Or, offering a contest for the most hilarious picture taken from the event and shared to the hashtag via Twitter.

2.      Group Incentives

Group incentives are a great idea as they speak to the social side in all of us. Options here include 2-for-1 discounts, refer a friend programs, and more. When catering to the general public, placing a promotion on ‘GrouponLive’ is an excellent way to target a large number of people and encourage them to help your event go viral.

3.      Feature your users

Allowing guest posts, or even 'guest content', on your event page or website is a great way to let your users know how much you value them. You may have a button on your site that invites guest posts or pitches. Savvy bloggers will be in touch before too long and you'll give off great vibes implying how much you value your users.

4.      Product Giveaways

You can give your company’s products to bloggers and get them to review. If you do, then this is a great way to build relationships with bloggers in your niche and encourage them to talk about your company.

5.      Give people something relevant to read

What people are looking for is interesting and valuable information that helps them. People will sign up to receive your emails (or stay on your email list) because you offer them information that prepares them to make better decisions, educates them or entertains them.

Incentives are a great way to get people to sign up for your event, but choosing the right incentive can be a bit tricky task. An experienced event planning company like Plan Ahead Events will not just help you choose the right incentives for your valuable customers but will also enhance your reputation by organizing perfect, bespoke events for your company.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How To Build Strong Relationships With Your Sponsors

Sponsors are very important for the success of an event. Without contributions from your sponsors, it could be more difficult to pay for the venue, food and all that goes into making an event successful. Therefore, it is very important to not just keep them happy but also, build strong relationships with them in order to have strong support for your future events.

So, read on to find out some tips to build strong relationships with the clients, brought to you exclusively by Plan Ahead Events-an expert event planning company.

Know your sponsor’s goals
Just like you, your sponsors have a goal, they have an objective.  Maybe they just want the recognition as a sponsor. Maybe there’s a new product or service they are trying to promote. Whatever the goal may be, it’s a good idea to know what that is in advance. Good meeting planners always operate with it in mind. So, if you help the sponsor meet that goal you have a better chance of getting sponsored again.

Know your sponsors’ messages and hashtags
There may be a tagline or message that the sponsor is trying to promote. Learn it and identify how you’re going to incorporate it into the conference materials. If your sponsors are using conference-specific hashtags as part of their participation, you may need to incorporate them into your printed materials and other promotional items (banners, signage, and programs).

Use apps to keep your sponsors happy
Using mobile apps to organize conference attendees, means they’ll probably see whatever is on the app’s landing page over and over again. Create a sponsor showcase in the app that highlights the sponsor businesses, their logos and some information about them and their products.

Use e-mail links to promote your sponsors
On your company’s promotional page and other materials, don’t forget to provide sponsor’s links. These way attendees will be able to click on links or logos and visit sponsors’ homepages for more information about them.

Keep the communication channels open
Sponsorships are all about relationships. Look at your sponsors not as vendors, but as partners-Talk to them about what they want to get out of their sponsorship and what their goals are for the event so you custom-tailor a package for them.

Building strong relationships with the sponsors is not a difficult task; all you need to have is good planning to make your objective meet with theirs. Therefore, it is always good to hire a good event management company like-Plan Ahead Events who know well how to make business events success while keeping the sponsors happy.

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Friday, 27 September 2013

What It Takes To Make Your Trade Show A Success

Trade shows provide a medium for attracting customers as well as networking with other business professionals.In trade shows many exhibitors will set up their own trade show booths. However, typically only the ones with unique ideas, good marketing and eye-catching displays are able to attract the attention of passers-by. To ensure the success of your next trade show, you may want to consider hiring an event planning company. However, if you plan to do it on your own,here are a few tips on making a success of your next tradeshow.

Make your booth stand out
People are naturally attracted to the things that are visually appealing. Therefore, get creative with your set-up to attract as many visitors as possible. Choose a display theme that shows off the innovative nature of your business. Your logo should be big enough to be seen from a good distance. Use interesting graphics to draw people's attention. 

Have a contest at your show
According to experienced event management companies, having contests and give-aways is a great way of engaging people at your booth, and attracting new visitors.Make sure you honour your contestants and give away the prize.

Let people know
Good promotion is the key to every trade show’s success. Therefore, every possible medium should be utilised for promotion of your trade show. To promote yourself you can simply send out an email blast, send twitter updates about the event, post an event on Facebook or invite your Facebook contacts to an existing event page, post free ads on online classifieds, put up a poster in your store so customers coming in can see or post up a note on your website.

Consider giveaways to generate attention and a sense of fun. These don't have to be expensive. Pens with your web address and a catchy slogan can be very effective. If the budget allows, you may even give USB sticks with your company’s information in it.

Have PowerPoint presentations at your booth
These will draw attendees to your booth and help them learn more about your business. Presentations will allow you to communicate information to many prospects at once.

Organising a successful tradeshow is not a rocket science. All you need is a little planning and unique idea to stand out in the crowd. The Corporate event planners at Plan Ahead Events have all it takes to make your trade show a big success.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How To Use E-Mail Marketing To Increase Attendance At Your Next Event

The success of any event is determined by the number of people attending it. The ultimate goal of any event is to get as many people as possible to attend. In the past few years social media has become the most powerful tool for online marketing, but the value of E-mail marketing should not be underestimated. Event Planning Companies have long been using email marketing strategies to send lucrative promotional adverts and offers to the target recipients. E-mail marketing strategy if used properly, can prove to be the most effective tactic over word-of-mouth, information on a website, mailed invitations, telephone calls or social media. Read on to find out, how E-mail marketing can be used to increase attendance at an event.

Start Early

Where possible, schedule your emails in advance to ensure the campaigns go at the right time and are not forgotten. Send an email and/or mail a save-the-date postcard to the future guest list to get on their calendars.

Send personalised Invitations

A personalized invitation makes the recipient feel wanted and can help compel him or her to register for your event. Let your delegates know how much you are looking forward to the event and meeting them, make it personal and spread some excitement.

The invite

Sending invitations is an important part of meeting and convention planning. The invite should clearly outline the key event details, the agenda, and guest speakers and explain the benefits of attending from the recipient's point of view. Keep the invitation short and succinct.

Announce incentives for early birds

Give your audience an incentive to book in advance. Send an email to your subscribers with your early bird offer, use some exciting reasons, testimonials and reviews to kick off your marketing.

Send Reminders

Email all the people who are yet to respond to your previous campaigns, and send a separate campaign to those who have booked, asking if they would like to refer or bring a colleague.

Planning an event is a time-consuming process. Therefore, it is always good to have experienced Corporate Meeting Planner by your side. The experienced event planners at Plan Ahead Events will utilize every promotional channel available to maximize attendance at your gathering.

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Winter Destination Meetings

Meetings are very important for smooth functioning of an organization, but, holding the meetings again and again within the concrete settings of your office building can make employees disinterested. This is the reason why many companies are holding meetings in exotic locations to capture the imagination of participants. Going outside not only gives group attendees a break from the monotonous meeting environment but also give them a chance to recharge their senses and get back to work with greater force and enthusiasm. Choosing a good location for your meeting especially in winters can be a daunting task, but, thanks to professional Corporate Meeting Planner like Plan Ahead Events, planning corporate meetings in exotic locations was never so easy. So, let’s have a look at the list of few exotic winter destinations in U.S.A that are fast gaining popularity in corporate circles.

Orlando: Orlando’s sunshine, friendly atmosphere, blue skies and pleasant temperatures have been alluring visitors and inspiring convention attendees for decades. A city built on imagination, Orlando is constantly re-inventing itself to make sure it remains a top-ranking destination.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to meet, think and exchange ideas. Las Vegas averages 320 days of sunshine per year and averages less than five inches of precipitation annually. This warm, dry climate is attractive for meetings throughout the year. Besides, there are many fun things to do in Vegas after a tiring day of business meeting.

Salt Lake City: A prime hub for skiing, it’s one of the best places to hold meetings in winters. You can stay downtown and drive a half hour to the slopes. During winters, one can also save a lot of money by staying in the city; this is the reason why an increasing number of Corporate Event Planners these days suggest their clients to hold their corporate meeting in this place.

San Diego: Voted as one of the safest and cleanest cities in U.S.A, San Diego is a great destination for exploring the zoo, golfing at Torrey Pines, or jogging on the beaches.

Houston: This Sunbelt city is at its best during winter, with highs in the 50s or 60s—just the right temp for ice skating outdoors, open-air concerts. Winter Season is also the ideal season to enjoy the city’s well-regarded museums and classical music, as well as its decadent burgers.
One of the most important factors in the overall success of your meeting is your choice of venue. To find the most appropriate one takes time, and can be overwhelming and stressful. Avoiding the stress is achievable, however, with the applied expertise from the professional event planners at Plan Ahead Events.
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