Wednesday, 29 January 2014

5 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Venue For Your Next Event

Successful events and meetings are very important for the proper functioning of an organization. One way to yield better results in corporate events is to hold them in a conductive environment. Hence, an important factor to consider when planning an event is to look for the right venue. So, whether you are a corporate event planner or an employee who is tasked to look for the best venue for your company’s event, the following roadmap will help guide you through steps in choosing the right venue.

Choose a venue which is convenient
The convenience of the venue is a very important part of choosing the best venue for an event. It is important that you choose a venue which is close to hotels and the main airport.  Avoid choosing a venue that is too hard for the registrants to find, and that does not have adequate parking if needed.

Make sure it has all the amenities
If you are going to have an event that is going to incorporate a lot of technology, then make sure your venue has appropriate amenities and facilities for the type of event your organization plans to hold. Ask your event management company to check that they exist and have been well maintained. You don’t want to spend time on the D-Day sorting out technical glitches and other problems.

Keep your budget in mind
Before looking at venues, set up a budget of what you can afford. There are different price ranges depending on the location. If you have a price point set up ahead of time, you will automatically narrow down your selection. 

Consider the number of guests
You need a venue large enough to hold all your attendees, but hiring a cavernous venue for a handful of people is not only a waste of money, but is likely to make the attendees feel uncomfortable and devalued. So, always have an estimate of the number of attendees you are expecting for your event, before finalizing the venue.

Consider the nature of your event
Are you looking for a professional environment? A casual environment? Or perhaps a party environment? Each event venue has its own atmosphere, so be sure to pick the right one for your event.

Choosing a venue is without a doubt a decision that can make or break your event. Hence, let the experienced event planners at Plan Ahead Events event marketing company decide the best venue for your event. The experts at Plan Ahead Events will help you choose a venue that has all the ingredients to make your event successful.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

10 Theme Ideas for an Exciting Event

Corporate events are a great way of improving productivity, morale and strengthening relationships at the workplace. Corporate events offer people opportunity to interact in a new environment, boosting creativity and enthusiasm. But, people start losing interest in such events if they acquire a formal, boring tone, this is the reason why creating themes for corporate gatherings has become an essential part of business event planning. It not only makes the event special, but it also adds an element of enthusiasm and excitement to it. So, let’s have look at some interesting theme ideas for your next corporate events.

Color themed event: The theme of your event should reflect your brand, therefore, it’s a good idea to pick out the colors from your company logo and use them for decorations in your venue. 

Detective theme: If the objective of your event or meeting is to search for new business opportunity or solutions to challenging business issues, then having a detective theme will help your team think out of the box.

Old world charm: This is a hot favorite with a lot of companies. The employees can dress up in the distinctive 60s and 70s retro look. There could be special games that could have a retro feel and the ambiance could have a classic splash of retro colors.

Hollywood Theme:  Employees can dress up like their favorite movie stars in long gowns and tuxedos. An opulent Hollywood themed dinner party with some glitz and glamour will turn your party into a soirĂ©e to remember.

Casino Night: You can bring casino games into your venue and have people gamble with fake money. You can even have prizes for people that accumulate the most money throughout the night.

Club Theme: To jazz up your corporate events even more, you can have a glitzy club theme. Decorate the venue with cool club lighting and furniture. Then hire a live band to sing popular covers and create a fun lit dance floor.

Game show theme: A little friendly competition is always fun. You can create your own version of Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune and customize it to your company culture.

Polka Dots theme: If you want to introduce a new brand that has a specific color scheme, polka dots is a great way to go. They are fun, whimsical and work well for a variety of cultures, languages and sectors of society.

Winter theme: The ice or winter theme is a popular one. This is one of the easier themes to pull off, as you can accomplish a lot with some blue up lighting and white linens.

Hawaiian Party Theme: A Hawaiian party is a trendy theme that adds an element of celebration and dance to the event.  From the typical Hawaiian welcoming ceremony to the dance and food, there are a lot of details that can add on to the theme.

To make your special event truly memorable and exciting, you need to have a unique theme and idea. The highly experienced event planners at Plan Ahead Event Management Company can give you some fresh ideas to bring your themed event to life.

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