Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How To Use E-Mail Marketing To Increase Attendance At Your Next Event

The success of any event is determined by the number of people attending it. The ultimate goal of any event is to get as many people as possible to attend. In the past few years social media has become the most powerful tool for online marketing, but the value of E-mail marketing should not be underestimated. Event Planning Companies have long been using email marketing strategies to send lucrative promotional adverts and offers to the target recipients. E-mail marketing strategy if used properly, can prove to be the most effective tactic over word-of-mouth, information on a website, mailed invitations, telephone calls or social media. Read on to find out, how E-mail marketing can be used to increase attendance at an event.

Start Early

Where possible, schedule your emails in advance to ensure the campaigns go at the right time and are not forgotten. Send an email and/or mail a save-the-date postcard to the future guest list to get on their calendars.

Send personalised Invitations

A personalized invitation makes the recipient feel wanted and can help compel him or her to register for your event. Let your delegates know how much you are looking forward to the event and meeting them, make it personal and spread some excitement.

The invite

Sending invitations is an important part of meeting and convention planning. The invite should clearly outline the key event details, the agenda, and guest speakers and explain the benefits of attending from the recipient's point of view. Keep the invitation short and succinct.

Announce incentives for early birds

Give your audience an incentive to book in advance. Send an email to your subscribers with your early bird offer, use some exciting reasons, testimonials and reviews to kick off your marketing.

Send Reminders

Email all the people who are yet to respond to your previous campaigns, and send a separate campaign to those who have booked, asking if they would like to refer or bring a colleague.

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