Tuesday, 19 August 2014

5 Creative Event Marketing Ideas

Creating awareness for brand determine the fate of a business. Attracting new clients and engaging existing customers through successful event marketing can enhance the value of your brand image. In a world where technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, creative event marketing ideas from renowned event marketing companies resonate with niche customer base. According to corporate event planners of Plan Ahead Events, some creative event marketing ideas can add that edge to your endeavours. Here are some guidelines from the experts of the company: 

Arranging travel events- Customers attending your event can be taken on a trip to a nearby destination. This helps to get your customers out of daily routines and introduces them to a new locale! On the trip, the event management company can host the event to engage more interest.

Events Just-for-Fun- Not all events need to directly relate to your services or products; some can be designed around the fun factor. Particularly, if you are a family-oriented business, then organizing a family fun day including games and amusements can perk up the mood. It can be a way to create a positive impression of your brand.

Giveaways at event- Arrange for attractive giveaways at your event. Customers and clients find it appealing to receive gifts with name and symbol of your brand logo printed or embossed on it.

Networking events- The importance of networking in modern business cannot be overstated. You can organize a networking event with a simple cocktail party at your business venue where you let select vendors, customers and clients meet and mingle
Fundraising event- Raising money for charity requires a specific approach to planning an event, with unique considerations for sponsorships, donations and budgeting. That said, it’s a great technique to instill positive sentiment for your brand and at the same do your bit to contribute to the well-being of the world. People are happy to donate money when they know it’s for a good cause, and organizing a fundraiser event highlights your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

These basic tips can help you organize an effective corporate event and gain maximum traction for your brand value. To learn more, visit http://planaheadevents.com/

Top 3 Challenges in Event Planning for First-Time Organizers

First-time organizers face a lot of problems when planning events since they lack experience and industry contacts. Nonetheless, executing event organizing plan is not difficult if the approach is organized and diligent. At Plan Ahead Events, which is a prestigious event planning company, they follow three vital points while making business event planning so as to prevail over a few most crucial challenges. 

Let’s look at the Challenges and How to overcome them?

Selecting the venue- Location is one of the key considerations. For this, you have to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages for all participants. In such cases, weather plays a role, and so as a corporate meeting planner, you have to garner information regarding the location of the location where you plan to hold your event, why you want to host it there and the advantages of doing so. By analyzing all pros and cons, such as the purpose of the event, the target audience, climatic variability, season, and schedule competition

Able to create broad appeal- The purpose of the event needs to have a broad appeal. Keep this in mind that participants have assorted and varied interests and so striking a chord with it means you have to choose activities for your event that are multi-dimensional and have many elements. The idea is to urge interests in participants to enhance engagement and promote interaction.

Budget constraint- Budget plays an indispensable role, which you cannot forgo and at the same time cannot cross beyond your limits. In that case, chalking out an essential event planning checklist can ease the matter to great extent. Once your plans are in place and you know your requirements for hosting the event, budget is drawn. In this way, you are aware of your financial abilities so that you can organize the event as per your preferences without having to compromise with budget. 

With the right plan in-hand as taught at Plan Ahead Events, you can win over these challenges.  To learn more, visit http://planaheadevents.com/