Tuesday, 19 August 2014

5 Creative Event Marketing Ideas

Creating awareness for brand determine the fate of a business. Attracting new clients and engaging existing customers through successful event marketing can enhance the value of your brand image. In a world where technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, creative event marketing ideas from renowned event marketing companies resonate with niche customer base. According to corporate event planners of Plan Ahead Events, some creative event marketing ideas can add that edge to your endeavours. Here are some guidelines from the experts of the company: 

Arranging travel events- Customers attending your event can be taken on a trip to a nearby destination. This helps to get your customers out of daily routines and introduces them to a new locale! On the trip, the event management company can host the event to engage more interest.

Events Just-for-Fun- Not all events need to directly relate to your services or products; some can be designed around the fun factor. Particularly, if you are a family-oriented business, then organizing a family fun day including games and amusements can perk up the mood. It can be a way to create a positive impression of your brand.

Giveaways at event- Arrange for attractive giveaways at your event. Customers and clients find it appealing to receive gifts with name and symbol of your brand logo printed or embossed on it.

Networking events- The importance of networking in modern business cannot be overstated. You can organize a networking event with a simple cocktail party at your business venue where you let select vendors, customers and clients meet and mingle
Fundraising event- Raising money for charity requires a specific approach to planning an event, with unique considerations for sponsorships, donations and budgeting. That said, it’s a great technique to instill positive sentiment for your brand and at the same do your bit to contribute to the well-being of the world. People are happy to donate money when they know it’s for a good cause, and organizing a fundraiser event highlights your understanding of corporate social responsibility.

These basic tips can help you organize an effective corporate event and gain maximum traction for your brand value. To learn more, visit http://planaheadevents.com/

Top 3 Challenges in Event Planning for First-Time Organizers

First-time organizers face a lot of problems when planning events since they lack experience and industry contacts. Nonetheless, executing event organizing plan is not difficult if the approach is organized and diligent. At Plan Ahead Events, which is a prestigious event planning company, they follow three vital points while making business event planning so as to prevail over a few most crucial challenges. 

Let’s look at the Challenges and How to overcome them?

Selecting the venue- Location is one of the key considerations. For this, you have to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages for all participants. In such cases, weather plays a role, and so as a corporate meeting planner, you have to garner information regarding the location of the location where you plan to hold your event, why you want to host it there and the advantages of doing so. By analyzing all pros and cons, such as the purpose of the event, the target audience, climatic variability, season, and schedule competition

Able to create broad appeal- The purpose of the event needs to have a broad appeal. Keep this in mind that participants have assorted and varied interests and so striking a chord with it means you have to choose activities for your event that are multi-dimensional and have many elements. The idea is to urge interests in participants to enhance engagement and promote interaction.

Budget constraint- Budget plays an indispensable role, which you cannot forgo and at the same time cannot cross beyond your limits. In that case, chalking out an essential event planning checklist can ease the matter to great extent. Once your plans are in place and you know your requirements for hosting the event, budget is drawn. In this way, you are aware of your financial abilities so that you can organize the event as per your preferences without having to compromise with budget. 

With the right plan in-hand as taught at Plan Ahead Events, you can win over these challenges.  To learn more, visit http://planaheadevents.com/

Friday, 18 July 2014

Interesting Business Event Planning Ideas to Keep Your Attendees Engaged

Events are an integral part of businesses; as they can help create momentum and accomplish great things. Without proper management and planning they can become huge time sinks that don’t accomplish their goals. Planning is one of the key things you can do to make any event successful. Here are some ideas on business event planning, brought to you by Plan Ahead Events, the best corporate event planning company.

Set an interesting theme for your event
Whether you are planning a cocktail party, a workshop or the company picnic, setting a theme gives the tone of the event and gives you a starting point when picking your food, your music, your decor and more. Make sure your theme is distinct and interesting and appropriate for the occasion.

Involve your attendees
The reason many corporate events seem so boring is they lack the element of interaction. The key to a successful event is to keep your attendees engaged and involved. Good business event planning companies like the Plan Ahead Events offer many corporate event ideas that will help you really stand out, whether you want to give your employees a holiday party to remember or you are trying to stand out from the competition at a trade show or other event.

Be creative with seating plans
Keep your attendees mingling and interacting as much as possible so that your event becomes a forum for networking and relationship building. Be creative with your seating plans and table layout, and where possible, limit the time your guests are seated.

Play Games Together
Take a break with a trivia contest about your business or industry. Mix up teams from different departments and offer a group reward to the highest point-earning group. You can also play Augmented Reality games and showcase a product.

When it comes to organizing unique events, the possibilities are endless. So, start gathering unique ideas for your event in advance and for expert tips on organizing successful events, contact an expert event planning company at http://planaheadevents.com/
Plan Ahead Events’ experienced professionals will work with you from the earliest planning stages all the way through to completion.

Event Planning Checklist by Expert Event Planners

Organizing perfect events is an art which gets perfected with experience. Experienced corporate event planners know how important it is to prepare a checklist in order to ensure smooth functioning of events. If you are going to organize an event soon, giving special consideration to these few things from the start will ensure that your event goes smoothly.

Establish the purpose of your event
Many people think an event is a wonderful idea but when pressed on what the purpose of the event is, or its overall goal, they are unable to clearly articulate its objective. You will need to remember the goal of your event in every stage of planning, in order to run your event successfully.

Organize all the important information
Maintaining a list of contact information for host, suppliers, attendees and participants as well as your event profiles such as the date, time of the event, schedule and agenda is very important. You can either list these things in a notebook or you can make use of various apps that help you organize things easily.

Media Plan
Event marketing companies must have updated contacts for Media Lists, like: daybooks; national; local press etc. Also, they should make the media aware of their event days before the actual event so they can plan to attend.

Manage parking, signage etc.
These may seem like the small things but they can escalate into large issues if not taken care of properly. Traffic flow and parking all contribute to the safety of your attendees and clear signage can help ensure that everyone knows where to go.

Always put safety first
Bear in mind health and safety for volunteers and visitors when you are deciding on a venue and planning the layout of the event. It is useful to conduct a risk assessment, to help make sure you have thought things through systematically.

Keeping yourself organized is one of the most important things to consider. This way, some of the tiny details you thought you'd never forget are actually right there on the list as a reminder. For more such valuable event planning tips and expert guidance, contact Plan Ahead Events Management Company at http://planaheadevents.com/

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tips & Ideas for Organizing Successful Events in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to organize corporate events and get creative with event planning. But, summer season corporate events need different kind of planning and arrangements. If you are going to have an event in summers, here are a few tips by Plan Ahead Events Planning Company to ensure your event runs smoothly even in hot summer months.

For indoor events pay special attention to air conditioning.

Most of the venues these days have constant air conditioning, but when large crowds come together in a smaller space, it becomes ineffective, making the guests uncomfortable. Talking to the building manager beforehand about turning up the air conditioning when in crowded situations will keep your guests happy throughout the event.

Make sure there is plenty of water to drink.

During the summer months, people dehydrate more quickly.  Provide plenty of water at your event and make it easily accessible to all guests.

Keep things fresh and light.

With temperature soaring high; the last thing the guests want to be is uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to keep your guests comfortable and happy; keep things fresh, comfortable and light.  From menu to seating to dress code, incorporate elements that play-up the seasons best at your event.

Hire an experienced event planning company.

Work with a reputable, established event planning company that has experience in creating events that match your vision. From venue and sitting arrangements to food and music, they know what it takes to make an event successful in any season. A good event marketing company like Plan Ahead Events will take care of even minute details to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Get creative with ideas.

Get creative with a barbecue or beach party for your best clients and prospects. Or consider springing for something more adventurous like a boat rental or a wine tasting afternoon at a local winery. This can be a way to reward your clients, learn more about their needs and provide them with good networking opportunities.

When organizing an event in summer, the most difficult task is to keep your guests comfortable and happy all the time. With expert corporate meeting planners like the Plan Ahead Events, your events never miss a thing and your events become memorable for all your guests.

To learn more, visit http://planaheadevents.com/