Monday, 29 July 2013

Walk-throughs before Your Next Event

Incepted in the year 1992, Plan Ahead Events is a premiere event marketing company, providing a wide range of services to ensure that every campaign, event, or meeting is a complete success. 

Event planning is not rocket science, but it does require good planning and constant attention to detail. If everything goes well, it will make your event a perfect talk of the town event, on the other hand if something goes awry, it’s a public display of failure. A great way to mitigate these problems and issues is doing a last minute walk-through of your event prior to its start. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while completing the walk-through of your event.

·        Create an Event Bible
It is always good toput together a simple binder with all of your vendor contracts, extra copies of the floor plan, and a cheat sheet of contact information for easy reference in order to avoid last minute stress.

·        Do a mental walk before the actual walkthrough
Before the actual walkthrough, mentally walk through every minute detail of the event, from set-up to break down. You’ll be surprised how many last minute tasks you catch. To make your task simpler you may consider hiring a good corporate meeting planner.

·        Have onsite support systems in place
Having expert technicians in the room will allow any problem to be handled effectively and efficiently. The key is to have a communication process to solve issues quickly and with minimum session disruption. It is always a good idea to have back up equipment and supplies onsite, in case of equipment failure. 

·        Consider what might go wrong
Make a list of different scenarios, how things could go wrong and what you would do to handle them. Doing this can save you from last minute embarrassment. 

·        Necessary materials should be in place
Carry a list with you and make sure that all the necessary things are in place at least a day before the event.

·        Send Reminders
If you have already sent reminders to people, send them out again the day before to confirm their attendance.

·        Other important things to remember
Some other things that you should keep in mind are:
1.     Bring extra of everything.
2.     Have volunteers on hand.
3.     Make sure your people are prepared to handle politely hot headed people.
4.     Create a detailed list backtracking every task that needs to happen.
5.     Most important. Keep calm and relaxed. 

Planning events can be a daunting task. Even a small mistake can ruin the image of your company. This is the reason why an increasing number of companies are realising the importance of hiring professional Event Management Company for their events.
Plan Ahead Event management company will not only make your job easier but can also help your event become perfect talk of the town event.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Event Planning - What’s In Your Swag Bag?

Selecting appropriate giveaways for your tradeshow can be a tricky task. Trade show giveaways, if good, can be a great method to promote, market, and advertise your company and products or service for trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other marketing events and gatherings. On the other hand if you choose something people don’t want or are apt to throw in the trash immediately after they get it, you can easily lose a lot of money and miss out on a great opportunity to promote brand or product awareness. Therefore, it’s very important to select the right promotional giveaway for your event. You may consider consulting professional event planners. Professional corporate event planners at Plan Ahead Events can help you decide the best giveaways for your events.

Here are some good tradeshow giveaway ideas brought to you exclusively by Plan Ahead Events.

·        Give something useful
The swag worth investing in is the type item that attendees will find useful. For example: If you're at a conference for pet owners, give away branded leashes, or portable dog bowls. 

·        Give something that makes economic sense
This means that if you are selling a low price item, you probably can't afford a high priced giveaway item. It is usually a good idea to have a low-cost general giveaway item such a custom-imprinted pen with your company name, tag line, phone number, and website on them.

·        Tell them you care
Conference attendees are on their feet all day, spending hours running around to different panels. Therefore, it can be a good idea to offer them branded care packages, complete with a quick snack or individually-wrapped herbal tea bags with business information on each wrapper.

·        Custom Coffee mugs
Custom coffee mugs are time-tested great idea for promotional marketing giveaways. They allow a lot of surface area for customizing with your company name and logo and contact information.

·        USB  Memory sticks
USB memory sticks with your company information are slightly expensive but great giveaways for your event marketing as they are easy to carry around and the potential customers love them.

·        Go green
Green trade show giveaways seem to be all the rage these days and get a lot of reviews. With more companies following the trend toward greener pastures, eco-friendly promotional items are making their way to the trade show floor. By choosing a Green promotional item, you’re making a statement about your brand. There are many green products to choose from like-Jute bags, notebook made up of recycled paper, cute flowerpots with your company name and logo etc.

If you are looking for great trade show ideas, or simply the best trade show giveaway ideas you may consider consulting a professional corporate event planning company like Plan Ahead Events. Plan Ahead events with their years of experience can help you conquer your trade show enigma and have your best trade show ever. 

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