Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tips to Plan Your Next Product Launch

Developing a new product can be a daunting task but launching that product is another stress entirely. If products aren't properly launched and doesn’t get enough exposure, companies can't generate the revenues they need to grow, or even survive. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring an event marketing company that has the real-world experience to help you plan ahead, do your homework, and execute well.

Here are a few tips for a successful product launch.

·         Timing
Timing a launch can mean all the difference between success and failure. For example: The introduction of new toys or consumer electronics often coincides with the holiday buying season.

·         Impressing the Press
Apart from the public, the other main audience that a product launches appeals to is the press.Through their product reviews, blogger top 10 lists and other forms of news, they can help promote your new offerings to the public. Make sure that you’re giving them information that they can use to do their job effectively. Give them access to your product, maybe even give them one that they can keep.  It makes it much easier to write about something if they can see exactly what it is and how it works, from their own point of view.

·         Venue
The location of the event is a very important factor in ensuring the success of an event. You want as much of your target audience to be able to get there as easy as possible. You also want try to choose a location that will reflect your product in some way. A good event management company like Plan Ahead Events can help you choose a perfect location for your product launch. With Plan Ahead Events’ expertise, you can arrange an incredibly successful product launch.

·         Building Buzz
Building buzz is very important for a product launch. In fact, it can make or break your launch. A good publicity plan will provide a multi-tiered approach to multiple audiences: employees/investors, existing customers, prospective customers, editors/analysts, channel partners, and the market at large.

·         An affair to remember
The next vital aspect of a successful product launch event is to create something that will be memorable to the audience. It’s giving the audience something of value that resonates with them. You can:
1.      Give bonuses with the product launch.
2.      Give them a discount on the item if they purchase it at the event.
3.      Give away the product to the first 10 people who sign up to purchase it.
4.      Have a contest to win the free product.

The launch is an exciting time in the life of your new product – stressful, but exciting nonetheless. With proper planning and execution, you can ensure that you get things started off on the right track.

Plan Ahead Events can help you design and coordinate your product launch from start to finish, leaving your guests with a unique and memorable experience.

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