Friday, 28 June 2013

Food Trucks At Your Next Event

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As America’s finances plummeted throughout the great recession, armies of trucks hawking all sorts of culinary delights, often overseen by well-trained chefs, rolled onto the country’s streets. The phenomenon that began in Los Angeles has now exploded in cities across the United States, and it has made its way into meetings and other events.

Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, a community festival or a fund raising event, food trucks can be a great way to feed the masses. Food trucks provide a hassle-free, gourmet experience often unmatched by standard catering. With a gourmet food truck onsite, guests can select from a set menu or order right from the truck.

As attendees look to fresher, healthier meal options and hanker for more variety, food trucks can be a very attractive and inexpensive option for event marketing companies.The cost to host a truck lunch is roughly the same per person as serving a buffet-style meal in meeting rooms – so it is a very viable option for most event planners.

Here are some benefits of having food trucks at events.
·         At Meetings: Going outside gives group attendees a break from the monotonous meeting environment. 
·         A Retail Area or City Centre: Organizing a weekly or monthly food truck rally can bring in new customers or patrons for a retail or urban area. Retail areas can use a food truck rally to jointly promote both the trucks and the store locations.
·         At Charity Events: A significant portion of non-profit event budgets can get eaten up by providing a meal. Hence, by renting a food truck at a charity event  you can provide an excellent dining experience without cutting into the fundraising
·         Additional Benefits
Ø  Attendees can experience the unique foods of that region of the country without going out for a fancy lunch or dinner
Ø  Popular trucks can have extensive fan bases that follow them online and will show up anywhere the truck makes an appearance.

Food and beverage planning for corporate events or business meetings can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Avoiding the stress is achievable, however, with the applied expertise from the professional event planners at Plan Ahead Events. 

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