Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tools to Help Plan Smooth & Successful Events

Event planning is a complex task which involves juggling many tasks at the same time. Meeting planners always have to be on their toes to ensure everything goes on smoothly. There are many aspects of event planning that can make an event planner feel weighed down. Here’s a list of several free online event planning tools that can help you organize your event smoothly.

Tools for event registration

These days, most participants expect to be able to register for events online. Luckily, there are lots of tools to help with that. For example: Etouches is an incredibly powerful registration management platform which allows organizers to easily promote, publish, and sell tickets to their events. Etouches allows you to send personalized invitations, set up paperless registrations and make use of a bunch of different built-in promotion tools. Other options include, Facebook, Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets etc.

Tools for planning and event organization

Events can overload planners with information and logistics, from the location to organizing information for attendees. Fortunately there are tool out there for pretty much every organizational task you'll come across. With the help of tools like Super Planner and Party & Event Planner Lite, event marketing companies can keep track of every detail from staffing and catering to options for venues nearby, thus managing all the tasks easily and smoothly.

Tools for promotion

Promotion plays a crucial role in the success of any event. There are many free to use tools that can be utilized for event promotion, which include: Facebook Events, Ustream, Avartize.com. Almost any social network or community presents marketing opportunities. Find the one that fits your event and target audience the best and try to use the tools creatively.

Don’t forget the power of social media

Sharing event details on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook is hugely beneficial because of the range of attention you can garner with the power of social media. Allowing event attendees to share things they like and getting them involved is a great way to entice others to learn more about your event.
These days, an increasing number of event planners rely on these tools to plan their events successfully. These tools can manage each aspect of your event planning, be it, tracking your event budget or letting you know  which guests have responded to the invitations, as well as help you remember all the minute details pertaining to you event.

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