Monday, 1 April 2013

What To Ask When Planning Corporate Events

A successful corporate event gives you an ideal opportunity for managers and employees to network with each other or with current and prospective customers in a carefully tailored environment. Engaging a specialist – a corporate event planner – for this activity will leave you to deal with the more specialized demands of your role in the organization. You should make full use of the experience and the exposure that the event planner has. An event organizer can save your company quite an amount by bringing his/her consultancy skills, contact lists of trusted vendors, and industry discounts to the table.
When you first think of holding a corporate event there are two questions you need to have answered:
  1. What are your (or your client’s aims) in organizing this event?
  2. Who are your target audience?
Only after you have arrived at decisive answers to these questions should you go ahead to plan your event. During the planning stages also you need to brainstorm with your corporate event planner or ask yourself the following questions to make sure you are on the right track:
  1. Is this the best kind of event for our organizational needs?
    With the numerous types of events available, it is important to choose the right kind that will connect you to your target audience in the best way.
  2. Are you planning to use the latest technology to market your event?
    Event marketing companies will be aware of the latest marketing tools and methods available. Make sure these will be put to the best use within the limits of your budget.
  3. What technology will be available at the venue?
    With technology playing a vital role in everyone’s life these days, it is a good idea to provide internet access and iPad chargers at the venue. Rather, choose a venue that allows you to put the latest technology to good use.
  4. Can we get a discounted package deal from the venue?
    Most resorts and hotels offer package deals including the lodging, catering and infrastructural needs for your seminar or conference. Most
    event management companies have mutually beneficial deals with these places. Make the best use of this fact.
  5. What kind of entertainment or gaming can be included in the event?
    Selling your products or services, getting your team to gel well together, etc. are your aims. What is in it for your audience? The fun or entertainment element is crucial to the success of your event.
Getting the answers to these questions should help your event planner and you to put together an event that achieves the required results for your organization. For best results, approach a reputed and experienced event management company, like Plan Ahead Events, who have a proven track record of extremely successful events to be your partner.

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