Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Incentive Travel Dos and Don’ts

Incentive travel is one of the most tried, tested and trusted motivational techniques. Offering the team a chance to visit popular destinations can help to put them in the right frame of mind that will get them to achieve your targets. Few motivational tools come close to the effects brought about by incentive travel. If you want to increase retention of employees who are permanently at their productive best, if you want to increase your profits and create a more enjoyable work environment, incentive travel sure is the way to go.
However, there is a lot more to incentive travel, especially from the organizer’s view point, than booking the travel tickets and the accommodation at the destination. You need to make sure that the destination you select offers a full range of activities and facilities that interest at least a majority of your team members. You may also want to consider the surrounding area to see if there plenty of great restaurants, shops and additional activities for after-hours entertainment. With so much to keep in mind, it is a good idea to get in touch with a reputable event planning company so as to avail the best deals and also for help in planning out unique itineraries.
A professional team of those experienced in the field of event management can make sure that your travel schedule is planned centering on the objectives of the organization, keep the cost within the budget stipulated and ensure that the elements of entertainment and fun are a regular feature of your trip. If you make the right choice from among the various event planning companies you can be assured of a well-developed package and all the support required to make this an enjoyable and memorable trip for all the participants who worked hard to earn it. Moreover this incentive travel is bound to give a boost to the efforts of the company if it is seeking to move ahead of the competition.
Here is a list of Dos & Don’ts that will serve to make your trip even more worthwhile for everyone involved:
·         Do try and provide wholesome experiences that will engage all their senses.
·         Don’t hesitate in asking your corporate event planners to select adventurous activities that push the envelope a bit – your clients are not around to watch.
·         Do inform your team what activities are planned so that they can pack the right clothing.
·         Don’t make plans for every minute of the trip. Allow people time to take a nap or a walk, whatever they prefer.
·         Do arrange for free shipping of gifts, especially if they are heavy and/or huge.
·         Don’t overlook the minutest detail regarding this trip. It is not just about value for money or working within a budget that matter. It is about making it all worthwhile for those who participate in the trip with diligence and hard work.
For best results, consider using an event management company that is experienced and has the resources it takes to make your trip a success, like Plan Ahead Events.

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