Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Smart Tips To Combat Common Challenges Faced During Nonprofit Event Planning

Organizing a fundraising event is great fun; it gives you an opportunity to do your bit for society and can give many people a reason to smile. But, like all other events, it can be challenging and time consuming. Also, it can be affected by cost overruns, scheduling woes and supply mishaps. So, here are some common challenges that are faced by the event marketing companies during non profit event organization, and the ways to tackle them.

•  Tight Budget
While every event needs a budget created, nonprofit organizations’ budgets can be tighter and can’t always come up with additional funds when a special idea is proposed; therefore, every step they take has to be carefully considered in order to avoid cost overruns. Nonprofit event planners must have a budget and they should stick to it. The budget needs to line up with the ticket price. Also, it is important to know how much the attendees are willing to pay as this will help them decide the best ticket price for their nonprofit event.

•  Getting sponsors for the event
Getting sponsors for nonprofit events is one of the biggest challenges faced by the event planners. However, with some good research and planning it is not very difficult to get sponsors for a nonprofit event. Carry out a research on the company or persons you wish to approach. There are many companies that have corporate social responsibility policies. Find out their mission, vision, and objectives. Your cause should align with what they wish to accomplish.

•  Benefitting the sponsors
Nonprofit events pose a particular challenge when the sponsors and high-profile donors are involved. The meeting planners need to make sure that the sponsors’ information is tracked properly and sponsorship benefits are fulfilled. One of the best ways to make sure your sponsors are happy with your sponsorship is to give them exposure at your event.  Print their names on banners, clothing, invitation and other event related material. You may also set up a table at your event for the products manufactured/offered by the sponsoring company. Do not forget to acknowledge the sponsors in all media materials.

•  Advertising
Good advertising and promotion is pertinent for the success of any event but with a limited budget nonprofit event advertising can be a bit challenging task. But, luckily there are many simple yet effective ways to get the word out like, making websites, social media, and e-mail. Also you can take the help of your supporters to talk about your cause and promote your event on their social media accounts.

•  Managing the event
Managing the event itself can be a challenging task; therefore, it is important to plan ahead of time. In this age of information technology implementing online event management software can help you save time and money by more efficiently managing your nonprofit event.

Nonprofit events depend on proper planning for successful execution. Therefore, let Plan Ahead Events’ corporate event planners organize your next nonprofit event. They will coordinate all aspects of your event from start to finish, making it a grand success.

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