Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Using LinkedIn To Promote Your Next TradeShow

In recent times, LinkedIn has emerged as a one stop solution to a lot of corporate malaises. Anybody and everybody, who is somebody in the corporate world, has resorted to LinkedIn for some interest or the other at some time or the other. Everyone seems to have realized the power and value of LinkedIn. It is not your run-of-the-mill social networking channel where you find people talking about what cuisine they are about to enjoy, etc. but is a website dedicated to professionals who want to move ahead in their careers. Although you could use it to find a job too, it is not limited to just being a forum for first time job-seekers. In fact, the visibility that LinkedIn provides will allow you to do your event marketing and satisfy your need for publicity, all in one place. In fact, the facility of event marketing has made LinkedIn a boon to professionals.

Using any social networking site to market or promote your upcoming tradeshow may not work as well as using LinkedIn because not all sites have users providing their professional details. Other sites may not help you in leveraging your event like LinkedIn can since it is one of the largest professional networks on the internet. So whether you are targeting professionals anywhere in the world by announcing your event on LinkedIn, whatever event you are thinking of, LinkedIn will direct a lot of attention to it. Once you are done with your corporate event planning, it will allow you to plan a virtual event and to select the industry to which your tradeshow or event belongs. It will allow you to preview your event before you publish it, enabling you to review your event. You can select the audience for your tradeshow.

Once you have added an event, LinkedIn will automatically promote it to all the people you are connected with, based on the industry to which the event belongs. Each time someone accepts the invite, their network is updated with the news. So, in effect, LinkedIn alerts your entire network and each confirmation spreads word about the event further displaying a kind of viral effect. You have free access to over 160 million professionals, who are also there to further their own corporate careers and are on the lookout for better prospects in any form. This will make those in your field eager to participate in any event, whether virtual or real, that gives them publicity, which in turn will make your tradeshow a sure success.

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